Singapore Fashion Council’s Fashion Sustainability Programme aims to position Singapore as the regional capital for innovative solutions in the sustainability space. With the fashion industry being one of the largest polluters in the world, there is urgency to implement solutions to begin mitigation of environmental impacts. To achieve this, SFC continuously adds to and collaborates with our network of sustainability-focused , companies, organisations, government agencies, consumers and communities from across the entire fashion value chain.

As part of our work, we join hands with collaborators to develop toolkits for businesses to adopt, introduce talent capability development programs and work with the industry to identify common pain points and possible solutions to explore and capitalise on opportunities in the green economy.  We also work with schools and communities to build awareness and capabilities in sustainability.

Singapore Fashion Council has brought together a Sustainability Steering Committee with different stakeholders from across the
Fashion value chain, for a broad ecosystems perspective. With this Committee, we aim to bring about a comprehensive perspective to the direction of our Programme.F

Sustainability Steering Committee

Nicole Van Der Elst Desai
Su Pei Ho
Bey Soo Khiang
Raena Lim
Sharon Lim