Sector Insights and ESG Toolkits

2022 Sector Report

SFC Fashion Sustainability Programme launched our inaugural sector report titled ‘Towards Zero Fashion Waste’. The report is part of a detailed study commissioned by SFC. It uncovers issues specific to the region, and the levers of change to enable a more eco-friendly fashion industry. 

Download the report here. 

2022 Sustainability Survey

Throughout October 2022, Singapore Fashion Council (SFC) hosted a survey to understand 5 key aspects of sustainability as currently experienced in the fashion industry. These aspects are (1) Knowledge, (2) Keenness, (3) Current Efforts/ Practices, (4) Priorities, (5) Challenges.  

The survey targeted corporate responses from actors across all parts of the fashion value chain, and the results have been analyzed and presented in our infographic. These findings will not only provide pertinent and relevant insights on the above aspects of fashion sustainability but will also help to shape future SFC initiatives to best target the needs of the industry.