Sustainability Pledge

Rise To The Challenge

Let’s stand united in our collective action towards a better fashion future. Rise to the challenge and sign the pledge as a corporation or individual to indicate your commitment to more sustainable business and/or lifestyle practices.

Corporate Pledge

How can businesses play a role in creating a sustainable fashion future? We invite you, as a corporation, to do your part and join us in this movement. Pledge your corporation’s endorsement and commitment to the following principles.

Individual Pledge

How can individuals contribute to creating a sustainable fashion future? Even at the individual level, we can do our part by taking steps to be a more responsible consumer. Sign the #iDO pledge as an indication of your desire to be an agent of change.

Join these companies who have pledged​
  • Adrian Furstenburg
  • Ann K
  • Anchroma
  • Asia Pacific Rayon
  • August Society
  • B.P. De Silva Jewellers
  • Bambino
  • Boheme Sg
  • Browzwear
  • C+C
  • Clozette
  • Cold Wear
  • Common Suits
  • Esta
  • Feedelon
  • Finix Wear
  • Forbidden Hill
  • Fu Yuan
  • Ghim Li Global
  • Ginlee
  • Hee Fabric Agencies
  • Hher
  • Identity Trading
  • Joannalsm
  • Kmana
  • Lee Yin Knitting Factory
  • Ling Wu
  • Lisa Von Tang
  • Love, Bonito
  • Maisha Concept
  • Marilyn Tan Jewellery
  • Matex Holdings
  • Mycotech Lab
  • Niches
  • Nost
  • Nyana Nyana
  • Ollie
  • Pearly Lustre
  • Polygenta Technologies
  • Q Collection
  • Revive Consulting
  • RGE
  • Sabrina Goh
  • Sage And Ylang
  • Sateri
  • Sea Leather Wear
  • Shalom Movers
  • Shanghood
  • State Property
  • Strange Mari
  • Style Theory
  • Susgain
  • Teo Holdings
  • Think Sketch Design
  • Tiger Analytics
  • Torajamelo
  • Travel Consulting Group
  • Van Der Elst Consultancy
  • Winrich Pte Ltd
  • YOF Athletica