Capability Development

Fashioning a sustainable roadmap for a greener tomorrow (Sustainability Pathway for Corporates/Businesses/Brands)

Singapore Fashion Council leads the Fashion industry in achieving sustainability through transition pathways.  The goal of such transition pathway is to raise sector-level capability, provide toolkits for enterprises to identify sustainability gaps and prioritise actions.  This will empower corporates and brands in their sustainability journeys. 

Crafting ESG strategy is a 5-step process 

Equip ESG leadership and raise awareness

  • Secure ESG training for Leadership
  • Create an understanding of ESG objectives and activities
  • Nominate an ESG Champion

Identify company-specific issues and define ESG vision

  • Understand the strategic purpose of the company and differentiation
  • Establish an ESG vision and mission

Map out the value chain and estimate ESG impact

  • Map out value chain of the company from raw material to waste
  • Estimate company’s GHG emissions
  • Identify strategic priorities and align with your stakeholders’ concerns

Identify and prioritise ESG action levers

  • Review potential ESG strategic options and solutions
  • Prioritise levers based on materiality (environmental impact, water consumption) and strategic priorities
  • Explore ESG reporting solutions

Implement the action plan and communicate

  • Develop and action plan 
  • Initiate data collection (quantitative); set and define key success factors, KPIs, and targets 
  • Initiate ESG Reporting & Audits 

Towards a journey of verified social and environmental performance

SFC has partnered with B Lab Singapore to help businesses to become B Corps. Many companies in the fashion industry are aspiring to be purpose-led; eschewing damaging environmental practices and embracing responsible reforms. From luxury fashion houses like Chloe to trusted outdoor brands like Patagonia, certified B Corps in fashion, health and beauty are disrupting business as usual, delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and creating a shared prosperity for all.

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by B Lab to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Purposeful, profitable and resilient, B Corps use the power of markets to maximise not just profits but, value for all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers and the environment.

Learn and Grow

Singapore Fashion Council’s Fashion Sustainability Programme is finding end-to-end solutions that help to catalyze the journey for companies to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Our educational initiatives aim to train and upskill the workforce with the skills necessary for a sustainable fashion future.

Green Financing

Singapore Fashion Council’s Fashion Sustainability Programme is working with different financial institutions to bring together of an even larger ecosystem of international and regional partners, to build capacity for the industry though green financing. Together, we are working on sustainable financing use cases to raise industry awareness and capability for sustainability. This will also help to build standards-based frameworks that are both industry and geographically relevant.