Zero Fashion Waste Initiative

At Singapore Fashion Council, we promote circularity in the fashion industry through responsible production, responsible consumption and by closing the loop. Whether it be as consumers, corporations, or the community, there are many different pathways for us to contribute towards zero fashion waste.

There are many opportunities to be part of this collective action:


  • Conscious fashion consumption
  • Recycling and collection initiatives
  • Education and engagement initiatives


  • Business models on rental
  • Business models on resale
  • Business models on repair and / or refurbishment / redesign


  • Design and creation of new products​​
  • Upcycling​​
  • Business models on upcycling​


  • Collection and sorting textile waste​
  • Materials recovery and processing technologies​
  • Business models on post-recycled materials​
  • Closed-loop recycling


  • Conversion of textile waste to energy​
  • Conversion to biofuels

In Support of

In July 2022, SFC launched the inaugural sector report. The report is part of a detailed study commissioned by SFC. It uncovers issues specific to the region, and the levers of change for a more eco-friendly industry.