The Bridge Fashion Innovator (TBFI)

About TBFI

The Bridge Fashion Innovator (TBFI) is a programme that bridges the gap between fashion, technology and sustainability. The TBFI programme can be broadly categorised into two, namely:

  • Business Incubation Programme
  • Corporate Innovation Programme

Business Incubation Programme

The Business Incubation Programme comprises an 8-week bootcamp and 1-year innovation community networking.

The 8-week Bootcamp is a structured programme that identifies and grooms early-stage start-ups in the fashion and lifestyle sector to refine and validate their products, services or solutions; as well as business and commercialisation strategies through knowledge transfer from industry mentors and a series of design thinking workshops. It aims to bring these businesses closer to market and investor readiness.

Beyond the bootcamp, participants will also be exposed to the innovation community through networking and events, equipping them with the knowledge, tools and opportunities for business partnership and continued fundraising. The programme aims to guide and broaden participants’ horizons in the fashion and lifestyle sector.

Corporate Innovation Programme

The Corporate Innovation Programme aims to induce disruptive and transformative innovation in corporations in the fashion and lifestyle industry.  Most corporations want to mimic the success and speed of the best start-ups, however, they encounter three common challenges:

  • Research and development are extremely high risk and long return
  • In-house innovation is neither cheap nor easy
  • Corporate structure is not nimble for innovations


By leveraging on Singapore Fashion Council’s innovation ecosystem, the TBFI Corporate Innovation Programme assists corporations in fulfilling their desire to achieve innovation with speed and agility; and push the envelope of disruptive innovation with minimal financial risks.