Asendia formed in 2012 as a joint venture between Groupe La Poste and Swiss Post, specifically to harness and develop the cross-border international B2C market for goods distribution, driven by the global boom in e-commerce, whilst maintaining a strong position in the international mail market, with solutions for direct mail, business mail and publications.

Asendia Singapore comprehensive cross-border solutions offers international distribution, fulfilment and warehousing solutions out from the Free Trade Zone. With more than 45 direct flights daily to international destinations on postal as well as commercial channels Asendia Singapore provides you with a complete and competitive distribution and fulfilment option.

The fully air-conditioned warehouse located in the Free Trade Zone where goods can be imported, processed and then export without the need to account for customs or excise duties or GST and close to Asian manufacturing hub helps your business step onto the world stage by helping you reducing upfront cost, achieving better cash flow.

Our fulfilment and warehousing end-to-end services from Pick and pack, storage, packaging supplies, product marketing inserts to private label bespoke solutions, are well designed to help you overcome your business’ logistics needs.

Our cost-effective cross-border parcel delivery, let Asendia comprehensive cross-border solutions help you deconstruct the complications associated with running a global fulfilment operation.