“TIPA® is a leading developer and producer of fully compostable flexible packaging solutions which are quickly being implemented into the global fashion world. TIPA’s breakthrough technology offers packaging that is just as transparent, durable and functional as conventional plastic, while breaking down into compost in a sustainable end-of-life process, just like an orange peel.
Inspired by nature, TIPA® offers fully compostable rolls and applications. Examples include Gabriela Hearst’s zipper and garment bags, Pangaia and Reformation’s resealable bags, Ulla Johnson’s garment and resealable bags and Stella McCartney and Santicler’s zipper bags.

These and more designers and thought leaders in the world of sustainable fashion are showing just how easily conventional plastic can be replaced by fully compostable alternatives. TIPA® solutions are built to fit existing machinery and chain of supply systems, reducing the carbon footprint by working with manufacturing companies from all over the world, and operates on a global scale with compostable polymer technology that is applicable worldwide.

TIPA® solutions were designed with the goal of achieving a circular economy through a true recycling process – composting. Instead of polluting the planet with conventional plastic that lingers in landfills and open ecosystems for centuries, TIPA® packaging breaks down within months and turns into a resource.

An estimated 8.3 billion tons of virgin plastic have been produced in the world until now, nearly 70% of which has been used only once before being discarded into landfills and open ecosystems. Fashion houses like Stella McCartney and Gabriela Hearst are tackling this problem head on by adopting TIPA® sustainable solutions.
The world is transitioning into implementing sustainable practices. TIPA® technology is revamping the industry, providing a solution where there wasn’t one before.”