Founded in 2016, Pixibo™ is a retail-tech company that solves for the size & fit problem in apparel and footwear. Our platform, Pixibo Cloud, is widely known to be the most accurate size recommendation platform in the industry. We work with all the leading online fashion players in Asia (Zalora, Pomelo Fashion, Mapemall, Fashion Valet, Myntra) and many leading retailers in Europe as well.Our flagship product – Find Your Fit, is an intelligent size and fit advisor that transforms the conventional brand size chart into real-time, actionable, size advice personalised for every shopper, for every SKU. Find Your Fit is white-labelled for enterprises and integrates seamlessly with all major e-commerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, Shopify Plus) across desktop, mobile web and mobile apps.Pixibo Cloud offers a full stack of solutions that helps apparel and footwear retailers leverage the power of personalised recommendations across critical consumer touch points. These include live chat ( Fit Bot ), discovery and product recommendations ( Fit Discover ), newsletters, retargeting and social media ( Fit API ) and in-store ( Fit Omni ).A growing investor-backed company, we are a group of engineers, data scientists, designers and mathematicians brought together by a passion for technology’s ability to solve intriguing problems in the fashion industry