BV Singapore’s Customer Products Services division offers a range of lab testing services in softline products for apparel and home textile. Our laboratory conduct testing on regulatory, quality and safety compliance for products export to USA, Europe, China, Canada, Australia and Japan. Stringent tests are applied, meeting International standards.

Being a leading testing centre for regional fabric mills and garment factories, we play an important role in supporting our Singapore textile and garment industry. We help protect our clients’ reputation and brand through our stringent testing to ensure product meet standards. Our proactive approach can provide design evaluation at the pre-production and production stage, as well as test to international standards, manage defect analysis based on customer feedback.

We support our clients to access markets with quality, safe, environmental sound and compliant products. Testing is an important component of managing quality assurance throughout the supply chain.

The testing process begins with understanding the product, where it is marketed, consumer end use and quality expectations. With these knowledge, we identify regulatory and quality standards for the product and consequently the appropriate testing so our clients can sell, manufacture, or distribute their product anywhere in the world with confidence.